Monday, March 5, 2012

Color Themes - Yellow Week

Xander is 15.5 Months

Hooray for an easy color!  This week's Color Theme was yellow.  It was a wonderful week filled with lots of activities.

Our yellow bin was bursting this week, so I actually used a larger bin.  I used porcupine balls, dominoes, plastic and wooden spools, ducks from the Lucky Ducks game, toy food, dishes from our tea set, counting bears, wooden blocks, bristle blocks, the ball and a cup from our stack and roll cups, Dado Squares, and various other small yellow objects.  Xander had a lot of fun with the bin, getting it out one or more times a day.  He particularly liked putting small objects into cups or bowls.

 He also discovered that with a little pushing he could get a porcupine ball to go into a stacking cup.  I don't know how many times he did this!  He just sat there repeatedly pushing it in and then beaming with pride at himself.

Since Xander is so wild with his coloring, I left his English and Spanish Color Book pages together for him.  You can download the Yellow Color Book here.

We made some yellow play dough and had lots of fun making a mess!

I also got our Leap Frog Car Wash back out.  The little goof ball loves dancing to the music.

Our puzzle of the week was another one of the Beginner Pattern Block Puzzles.  I picked one with four yellow triangles.  He really enjoyed sitting on my lap and putting the pieces in their places with me (I tried to get a picture of it, but failed miserably).

Another tray had an empty juice bottle and some Jumbo Pick Up Sticks.  Xander had fun putting them in the bottle, but it was much more fun seeing where else he could slide them around the room.  I ended up with sticks in in the diaper bin, in the toy bins, under the crib, etc.

Our last tray had our button snake on it, with only yellow pieces.  Xander is getting so close to be able to do it himself!  If I line up the button with the slot, he can pull it through.  For some reason, though, he does not like taking the pieces off, only putting them on.

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