Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Addition - A Tot Table

I am so excited (probably disproportionately excited) about the new addition to our Tot School!  Xander got a new table.  I have been wanting one for months, but couldn't find anything locally that looked sturdy enough to last.  Ideally, the table will make it through all potential future children.  I had planned a trip to IKEA to get one, but it fell through last minute.  While I have other things I still want to purchase at IKEA, I was impatient for the table.  Ultimately, I ordered the KidKraft Farmhouse Table and Chairs.  I really didn't need all four chairs, but it seemed like the best table for the money.  It came this week and I absolutely love it!  Xander is so proud to sit in his own little chair!  I hope we can share lots of good learning and playing time at this table together.

Of course, Xander had to help me unpack it and assemble it.  He also ran around with the little wrench that came with it, testing it on various objects.  He was particularly persistent in trying to open shut doors using the little wrench.  I absolutely love seeing his little mind work at things like that.

The finished product (with only one chair, the rest are downstairs).

Already got some good coloring done at his new "desk."


  1. I just found your blog while searching for good Tot School blogs. I'm starting Tot School with my 14 month old daughter and I'm so excited! I have already gone through all of your posts and have gotten so many great ideas. Thank you for sharing! I love this table too. I need to get one, but I too was waiting for an Ikea trip. I'm following you now and looking forward to keeping up with you and your adorable son!

  2. Oh, thank you so much! I wish you and your daughter luck with Tot Schooling!


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