Friday, August 5, 2011

Toys Around the House - Pom Poms

A few weeks ago Michael's had some crafting kits on clearance.  I know Xander is a ways off from crafting, but I picked one up  figuring I would find something to do with it.  The kit included a bunch of pom poms in various sizes.  I put the largest ones in an empty cocoa container to see what he would do with it.

At first I showed him all of the pom poms inside and closed the lid.  He played with the container for a while, but was unable to get it open.  Finally I took the lid off and he had a great time with them!  He knocked them around, felt them, and tasted them.  Many times I put them back in for him to dump out again.  He also thought it was funny if I tossed some in the air and let them rain down on us.  I think the pom poms turned out to be good motor development since he wanted to try to crawl after them.

Oh, and just a reminder how much babies like exploring normal objects, Xander spent much of one morning amusing himself with an empty cereal box and an empty orange juice container.

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