Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mobility Update - 9 Months

I apologize, I have not been doing a good job of keeping up on Xander's mobility!  He has really taken off since he began crawling.  He has no problems crawling across the house to get to where he wants.  He will frequently crawl from the living room to his room to pull out his trays.  However, he much prefers being carried if he is tired.  I have a baby gate and outlet covers so I try to give him as much freedom as possible.  It does result in a lot of messes for Mommy to clean up, though.

Xander has also mastered pulling himself up a lot faster than I would have expected.  He can stand a lot better than he thinks he can.  I can let go of him and he will support himself until he realizes I am no longer holding him.  Once he sees he is on his own, he throws himself forward to try to catch himself, knocking himself down in the process.  

Apparently, climbing isn't a problem either.  We were at my dad's house the other day and he climbed up the stairs like he had been doing it his whole life, even though I don't let him near our basement stairs.  Unfortunately, he doesn't fully understand gravity yet.  While sitting on the third step, he leaned back to look at me and make sure I was watching him accomplishment and started tumbling backwards.  Somehow I made a superhuman dive and saved him from hitting his head, but we both got a good scare out of it!

Getting our all of the dish towels.

His new favorite amusement is playing with the door stops.  He will go into a room and play with them for quite a while.  He also tends to shut the door while back there, trapping himself in the room and making himself rather angry.

If he is too quiet, I frequently find that he has crawled to his room and is looking at his books (I keep board books where he has easy access).  Unfortunately, every time I try to snag a picture of him "reading" while surrounded by books, he notices me with the camera and starts to crawl over.  These are the only pictures I got.

Xander managed to use a canvas bin to pull himself up so he could go through the toys.  He barely needs to hold on, but thinks he needs the support.

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