Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby School - 9 Months

This last week was HECTIC to say the least.  I started a new job but won't settle into a regular schedule for a couple of weeks while they try to get everyone trained.  Plus, I work early enough that we stay the night at Grandpa's so he can take Xander to day care.  Bouncing back and forth has been a little crazy.  While we didn't get as many of our lessons done as we would have liked, we still did a lot and had a lot of fun together.

This weeks trays included some alphabet blocks (great garage sale find), the rainbow stacker, and some printables.  The puzzle this week was his Safari Chunky Puzzle, which got a ton of use.
The printables we tried were the Brown Bear Brown Bear animal heads and tails from 1+1+1=1.  I tried just a few of them and showed him how to match up the two halves of the animals.  Not a hit, so we will put them away until he is a bit older.

He found the blocks interesting and liked to pull them out frequently.

The rainbow stacker might have been the biggest hit of the week.  He likes to dump them all off and bang the rings together.  He has also started putting the pieces in the shelves of my entertainment center for some reason.  Maybe just to show off that he can?

Doesn't matter how many times I pull him back, this is how he ends up watching YBCR now that he is mobile.  You would think it would hurt his neck.

We also spent some time looking out the window and enjoying the breeze.

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