Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We're getting more mobile and vertical!  Xander is crawling in a cross pattern motion!  I am so excited for him, a little sad to be losing my baby, and a little scared of all the messes and accidents that will come with his new mobile status... Just part of being a mommy I guess.

He has also started pulling himself up.  He gets to one leg, but can't get off that second knee (I blame the thunder thighs).  He got stuck like the last week.

While my back was turned he made it across the living room and into the drawer with his movies.  Probably after his Your Baby Can Read.

Ever since he first started bathing in the tub, Xander has been fascinated with the faucet.  Pouring water from a cup is nice and all, but the faucet is so much better.  As I was warming up his bath water the other day he twisted himself to try to reach the water.  Unfortunately for him, he is longer than the tub is wide, hence the contortion 

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