Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Sign

I've been meaning to write about this for a while, but kept forgetting.  About a week and a half ago we got the first Baby Signing Time DVD.  It is super cute.  All the lessons are set to music and they have babies doing the signs also.  Xander likes it, although not nearly as well as YBCR.

More than anything, I think the DVDs will be good to teach me the signs, so that I can teach Xander.  I need to get better about signing to him.  I also think that a slightly older baby would learn more from the DVDs.  Definitely one I will be keeping for future babies, but I haven't decided whether I will buy the next few DVDs or not.

Oh, goodness gracious those silly songs get stuck in your head for DAYS.  I kept finding myself singing them.


  1. My girls all signed. We didn't go into great depth; just used the few signs that I felt were helpful to babies/toddlers. Every time I say thank you I'll do the sign, if I say I'm cold then I'll put my fists up and shake them back and forth, etc. I know some moms also make up their own signs. Definitely easier for older babies to pick up BUT Xander may pick it up in the next few months if he sees you doing it daily. I think seeing you do it will be way more effective than the DVDs because babies love to mimic those around them.

  2. I agree, he will learn it much better from me, once I get consistent. Mostly, I want to teach him things like hungry and hurt, so that he can tell me his needs. However, I think the DVDs are great for me. I tried looking at books and online videos and it didn't stick as well.


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