Monday, March 28, 2011


Historically, I have not enjoyed Mondays.  This week, however, I am so grateful for Monday!  Last week a realtor I know said he had a client who would be interested in my house.  Since my house isn't listed yet, I was NOT ready.  Anyway, I spent all of last week cleaning, organizing, etc so that I could show it Saturday.  Then I spent all of yesterday resting.  Well, because of all the stress, we haven't been doing all of our lessons the last few days (we only do them when we are both in good moods).  Actually, this weekend all we did was watch YBCR.

This morning I was excited to get back on track!  Apparently Xander was too.  He was incredibly excited to see his Doman math cards.  He was also more excited about his word cards than usual.  He is ok with them, but much prefers the math ones.  It is nice to be able to see that he at least recognized the activity and had noticed its absence.

Oh, and no word on what the client thought of the house, yet.  Hopefully soon!  It would be such a blessing to have it done without needing to list it and host endless open houses.

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