Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sippy Cups

My baby is getting big!  I decided to try to introduce a sippy cup.  I by no means expect him to drink from one often, but thought every once in a while would be good to make the transition easier when the time came.  Also, I can't get him to drink water from a bottle, so I thought maybe he would drink it from a cup.  Anyway, I bought two different 4 month cups from the same brand.  One has easier handles, but is harder to drink from, having a stiff spout.  The other has no handles, but comes out a little more easily and has a softer silicone style spout.

He liked holding the first, but wouldn't really drink from it.  I tried the one with the softer spout and he seemed to like it.  Granted, most of the water ended up running down his chin, but he thought it was fun to chew/suck.  He made some fantastic faces, I wish I could have gotten on camera.  Hopefully he will be holding it on his own by the time summer comes.

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