Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last week, I wrote about how we started Xander on food.  Unfortunately for him, cereal didn't go so well.  While he loved it, I took him off after only two days because he stopped pooping.  He ended up getting introduced to prunes and prune juice.  After about five days he finally went.  We finished out our five days on prunes (which he wasn't thrilled about cold, but liked room temperature).  Yesterday we started on squash.  I used a book and made it myself.  He LOVED it.  He couldn't eat it fast enough and he SCREAMED when I cut him off.  He would have eaten a ton of it, but I want to wait and see how he does with a little bit first.  Unfortunately, he doesn't take Pedialite as well as he takes food.  He wants juice mixed with it, which I wanted to limit.  Maybe today I will try some plain water, because that Pediatlite stuff is kind of gross.

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