Monday, March 7, 2011

4 Months!

Today we had our 4 month checkup.  My tiny baby that was originally in about the 5th percentile, has now made his way to the 50th!  He is 14.6 lbs and 24 inches.  The doctor said he seemed to be doing really well.

Part of the 4 month milestone was getting to eat solid foods!  We started with whole wheat cereal.  I was supposed to start with only a tsp or so the first time to get him used to it.  I think he ended up with almost a tablespoon.  He loved it (have you seen his cheeks?  or maybe his lack of a neck?  The kid likes to eat!).

Afterwards I put some paint into a plastic bag and taped the end.  He liked squishing it, holding it, and, of course, trying to eat it.  Tonight he sat and played with it for at least half an hour while I washed dishes and talked to him.  I think it is an activity we will do often, with various colors.  I might also try giving him a baggie of water to squish around and experiment with.

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