Monday, April 4, 2011

First Museum Trip

Friday some good friends of ours invited us to go to the Family Museum with them.  Of course, Xander slept through the first half of or time there.  However, he really enjoyed it when he woke up.  So much to see and do, SO many kids to watch.

I know he didn't understand any of the exhibits, but it was still a great outing.  He loves people watching.  I did sit with him the xylophone room and he enjoyed all the sounds.  We also played some of those Caribbean drums made out of barrels.  My little guy loves his music.

Speaking of music, I downloaded some solfege power points that have the music notes on the scale corresponding to the sound.  He is absolutely mesmerized every time we watch them.  Ever since we started, he struggles to see the computer screen, even if they aren't going.  I have horrible pitch, so hopefully we can develop his while he is in his language learning window.  :)

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