Friday, April 15, 2011

1500 Book Challenge

I am an avid early education blog reader.  (I am the type of personality that tends to get obsessions, and find out everything I can about whatever that particular topic is).  Anyway, I have seen multiple home schoolers and early educators talk about the 1500 book challenge.  Their goal is to read 1500 unique books, not counting a book more than once.  They can be books the parent has read to the child or the child has read to the parent.  My son is only 5 months, 1500 unique books in one year, NOT GONG TO HAPPEN.  However, it got me thinking.  Maybe it would be fun to do an adaptation.  100 unique books by his first birthday, 200 by his second, 300 by his third, and so on.

Working towards a goal is always fun for me.  Most importantly, I think it would help reinforce the priority of that special bonding time with Xander.  It would also guarantee me more variety than rereading the same books over and over again.  I will have to think on it some and maybe try it out for a while and see how it works.  Also, I think I would have to be able to reread some of the books from year to year.  Our library just isn't that big and I would go broke buying books in a few years!

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