Friday, September 29, 2023

Tot School - Blue Week


We recently wrapped out our second week of tot school. We're doing color themes and this week was blue.  As with the boys, my goal is not for her to learn her colors. You can see my tot school goals here.

Juniper was 15 months
Juniper's little area on our wall. I put up her color poster was free from Isla Hearts Teaching on TPT. I put out some "blue" themed books for her and a Non-Fiction Sight Words book. Being my pickiest reader, she was kind of hit or miss on all of them, which is perfectly fine. I don't force her to read things she doesn't want to, but I do provide the opportunity.
Magnetic tiles and translucent blocks on the light table. Even big brother wanted to join in.
Using markers and crayons for her little blue coloring book pages (free here)
We also tried out some blue paint with some funny foam brushes.
Stickers on blue paper.
Blue playdough. She's a big fan of play dough in general, so we used some stampers, a roller and some shape fondant cutters.
I got out our 3D shapes for her to play with. She was excited by the 2D ones that she recognized.
I'm introducing her to Montessori 3 Part Vocabulary Cards with some color cards. She's not ready to do them independently, but I'm modeling for her and eventually she'll get it. She does like trying to help put the word card on the picture. Sometimes she does it correctly, sometimes she doesn't, and sometimes she knocks all the cards on the floor.
Doing the Little Reader lesson that goes with the vocabulary cards. While she doesn't like Your Baby Can Read like my boys did, she LOVES Little Reader. If anyone who uses it wants the files, send me a message and I can email them to you.
Sensory bin with aquarium rocks, some blue cups and pom poms. She played with it in our sensory play mat.
Pony beads in some blue hair gel. Its a little bag I made when Archer was little and thought this was a perfect time to put it up on the window for her to play with.
Freeing the animals from painters tape.
Simple school shelves for her. The shelves had a basket of finger puppets (left out from last week, because she loved them), a bin of blue toys, a mailbox toy, an ocean magnet puzzle, peg pop up toy, a parking garage, a coin box and car carrier.
She always has to be IN the bins.
She loves her brother's parking garage and has kind of taken it over. She likes to hold up each car, enthusiastically say "CAR" and have me acknowledge it and tell her the color.
She enjoyed her coin box, but preferred it without the drawer so she could watch the coins drop and get them out easily.

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