Monday, September 11, 2023

Canada Week

Our first country in our Around the World Homeschool curriculum was Canada. Since the country is HUGE, we tried to focus mostly on intuits and maple syrup. 


I'm not going to list out our spines every week, but I thought I'd share some of our other books. Bear Goes Sugaring was, by far, Archer's favorite! It led us to check out other books by the same author.
My plan is to include at least one math picture book each week, and this week I was kind of able to tie it in to the country with The Grizzly Gazette. I know I won't always be able to tie it in, though.
Archer was pumped when I assigned him to read the Canada section in his Flag Book. That book has been so well loved over the last couple of years, I'm worried the binding will fall apart one of these days.


Coloring a map of Canada. Archer chose to do province flags.
Canada maze from Around the World Mazes
Rocky Mountain animals puzzle from the Momentous Mountains set
Canadian Flag from Little Passports
Animal Profile (I modified my own research page from the BYL0 one). Archer chose the ringed seal.


We made Bannock Bread. Four out of five in our family really enjoyed it, although, we'll probably stick to our regular whole wheat pancakes purely from a nutrition perspective. :)

Read Aloud:

We've been working our way through The Very Very Far North. Honestly, it is ok but very wordy for not a lot happening. I am glad we got it from the library instead of purchasing it. Archer seemed to like it.


Every week I'm trying to get in at least one logic puzzle game and one board game. This week he played Squirrels Go Nuts, which kind of fit the theme. We also played Lemonade Shake Up, which did not at all.


This week's art fit with our science unit rather than our Around the World unit. We were studying sunlight, so we did some sun art. 

We also did some line practice from Lolly Arroco


Other Canada Resource Ideas:

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