Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Mexico Week

Next stop in our Around the World Homeschool curriculum was Mexico! 


I'm not going to list out our spines every week, but I thought I'd share some of our other books. 

Read Aloud:

This week we read Pack-n-Go-Girls Mystery of the Thief in the Night. This was our first time reading one of this series. I really liked how it told a story, but wove elements of the language and culture into the book (lightly). Archer liked the story enough that he wants to read another one for a different country in the future.


Coloring a map of Mexico.

Mexican flag and dot-to-dot from Little Passports


We did two recipes this week. First we tried a new recipe for enchiladas from Isabel Eats. It replaced out old recipe, hands down, particularly the sauce. The kids now want to add enchiladas to our regular rotation.
We also tried making some pineapple cucumber lime paletas. I cheated by using store bought pineapple juice. They were surprising and a little sour at first because the lime zest falls to the bottom of the mold. Everyone in the house liked them, though!


Neither game was related to the theme this week. Archer played Connect 4 and the logic game was 3 Little Pigs. Had I planned better, we would have played Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza.


We were able to pull off two art projects this week! First we made a Paper Mache pinata. He had never done paper mache before, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to explore that medium. He was not a fan of how messy it was. Once it dried we covered the balloon in tissue paper. (We used this video for reference).
Next we made a clay "sugar skull." We learned a bit about Dia de los Muertos. He used a skull cookie cutter as a mold for air dry clay. He used some kinetic sand tools to carve the face and then markers to color it when it dried. I think paint would have looked better, but he loves markers and I wasn't going to push him since clay is already a new artform for him.


This would have been the perfect opportunity to watch Coco, but Archer will not watch movies. Instead, we watched some YouTube videos.

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