Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Kindergarten Science: Heat and Temperature

This year, we are taking a two pronged approach to science. We are doing activities to meet the Next Generation Science Standards for kindergarten, but we are also learning about biomes to go along with out Around the World Homeschool studies. I've done my best to meld the two so it feels mostly cohesive.

To start us out, we learned about temperature and heat this week. The main takeaways I wanted him to have were that temperature is a way to measure heat (higher numbers mean hotter and lower numbers mean colder) and that things like blankets and coats do not make their own heat, but help trap in heat from our bodies. This concept will help when we talk about things people and animals do to stay warm in cool climates. Another concept we focused on, but that was less important for him to fully understand is that heat always moves from hot to cold.

We read Temperature: Heating Up and Cooling Down as well as a couple sections about heat in our kids science books.
I let him play indoors and outdoors with an infrared thermometer. I had him predict which things he thought would have high numbers and which things would have lower numbers.
We also did a pretty classic mitten experiment. He had three thermometers (we used these), one on a table, one in a glove and one in a glove with his hand. We waited a couple of minutes and recorded the temperatures for all three. I have a quick lab sheet for this for anyone interested.

Art Tie-In
This week we tied our art into science by doing a temperature painting, learning about warm and cool colors. We followed this video from Lolly Arroco


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