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How to Keep Your Children Engaged when Homeschooling


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You may assume that keeping a child's attention would be easier when homeschooling, versus when they are in a school setting. While in many scenarios this may be the case, there will still be challenges to overcome and consider. If you are currently homeschooling your child, or are thinking about doing so, then here are several tips on how you can keep your children more engaged when it comes to learning.

Utilize online learning tools

Thanks to the advancements in technology, there are now many online tools that have been built specifically to help engage with and teach children about a variety of different subjects. If you plan to homeschool your child then you should consider looking into, and using these online learning tools as they will not only make your life easier, but they have the potential to greatly increase your child’s engagement with the subject you are teaching them. From fun and interactive videos found on YouTube to lesson plans created by Learn Bright, you have a huge selection of free, and valuable online learning tools to choose from and explore.

Take regular breaks

In a regular school setting, although lessons are split up to help give the students time to mentally rest, and recharge, often the time given is still not adequate or often enough. At home however, you have the power, and choice to allow your children to take as many breaks as they need, so as to help them concentrate better during the time you wish to have their attention. After all, if you can teach your child for only 1 hour but with their full attention and engagement, the information that they absorb will be much more valuable to them than if you were to teach them for 3 hours and have little to no engagement or interest from them. During these breaks, you could allow them to read from books in your homeschool library so that they can still gently improve on general knowledge and reading skills.

Acknowledge how your children learn best

When you decide to homeschool your children, you allow yourself to teach your kids in a way that best suits you, and them. For example, some children learn better by watching and listening, while others will excel by doing. If you can acknowledge how your child learns best then you can utilize this information to help keep them engaged and interested while they are learning.

Explore the subjects that your children enjoy

Although you will need to produce a variety of subjects for your children to learn about when homeschooling, a great way of keeping the engagement levels high is by presenting them with as many subjects that they enjoy, or get excited about as possible. For the subjects that they have less of an interest in, you could always try to plan other lessons around them, or afterward, as an incentive to complete the trickier lessons.

There are a lot of different ways in which people homeschool their kids, and ultimately it is down to your own personal preferences in how you do it. However, if you are looking for ways in which to keep your children engaged, why not consider these top tips?

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