Monday, August 28, 2023

Favorite Books at 14 Months

 I've posted a LOT about why I've taught my babies to read and how I've taught my babies to read. Since I know I am always on the prowl for new reading material for my kids, I thought I'd share some of what my current baby loves to read.

Juniper is now 14 months old and while she was my slowest to warm to learning to read, she now LOVES looking at words on Little Reader, watching Meet the Sight Words and having me read to her. We read dozens and dozens of books a day, but she is, by far, my pickiest baby when it comes to books (and everything else). 

  1. Roarr! - This book is unique in that it has slides, but makes sounds when you slide it. She loves it, but the downside is that it is short, so we end up reading the same thing again and again and again...
  2. Jungle Sounds - This is another sound book, but a lot more complex. It goes through different sounds in the jungle, including animals and things like rain on the leaves. I am planning on getting her Garden Sounds and Seashore Sounds for Christmas.
  3. Who's Swimming in the Ocean? - We have two in this series that we were able to find second hand and she loves them both!
  4. Pop-Up Peekaboo! Unicorn - Ok, I have a love hate relationship with this book. Juniper adores it, but it is a little delicate for little hands. It has to live on a higher shelf so she doesn't have full access.
  5. Noisy Farm: My First Touch and Feel Sound Book - a favorite for both Juniper and Archer
  6. In the Jungle - As you open and close pages, the pictures "move" in this book. Juniper loved it so much, I ended up getting her In the Ocean and In the Night. All three currently get read daily.
  7. Llama Llama Wakey-Wake - She loves all of the Llama Llama board books we have, so did Archer.
  8. Zoom Zoom Baby! - While this is the current favorite, Juniper loves most of our Karen Katz flap books. Some are so well loved that there is tape on most of the flaps... 
  9. Can You Make a Happy Face? - I discovered Rookie Toddler Board Books when Archer was little and we are fortunate to have quite a few now. Juniper loves them and he did when he was little. I like that most of them have nice clear text and pictures. We read several daily.
  10. Hand Hand Fingers Thumb - We've had several Seuss books over the years, but this particular one has been a big favorite of all three of my babies. 
  11. The Very Busy Spider - Juniper likes a few of the Eric Carle books, but this one is the favorite and gets read the most often. I think because of the animal sounds.

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