Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Pre-K Fall Leaves and Pumpkin Activities

 While we are slowly working our way through some purchased curriculum this year, I am still incorporating some fun themed activities. In September I posted apple activities and here are the Leaves and Pumpkin activities.

We did the pumpkin, corn and leaf from the Fall Cuisenaire Template

Leaf word families from 3 Dinosaurs

Fall play dough included some acrylic apples, leaves and pumpkins, some sticks and mini pinecones and some cookie cutters.
He decided to add in some googly eyes and number candles.
Autumn puzzle from the dollar store.
Sensory bin with a tractor, birdseed, pinecones, and acrylic acorns, pumpkins and leaves.
We went on leaf hunt and I showed him how to do leaf rubbings (he had no interest in doing them himself.
This little pipe cleaner tree I made last year was a hit again. He enjoyed putting all of the pony beads on the tree as "leaves."
Picking out his pumpkin at the patch.
Working on leaves for our tree of gratitude. Each day we put up a leaf with something for which we are thankful. Last year I laminated them, so I didn't have to cut anything out this year!!
Pumpkin Number Bonds from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games
Number matching with him pumpkins and trucks
Books! As always, we read lots of books about leaves and pumpkins. This was only one shelf setup.

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