Monday, November 1, 2021

Hard Work Pays Off

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More and more children are enjoying playing on the wealth of computer games that are available on the internet. Nevertheless, the importance of online games goes a lot further than merely being entertaining. There are actually some valuable lessons that children can learn via playing them…

1. Hard work pays off

Online gaming teaches children that hard work really does pay off.  At the end of every level they will benefit from something new added to the game; maybe a new power or a more exciting level. This shows children that if they try at something then they are bound to get their just rewards in the end. 

2. Patience is a virtue

Online games show children how important it is to be patient. A lot of games are about getting your timing right or having a good plan and thinking about how you are going to put it through. You can’t simply rush into the game because then you are more likely to lose. 

3. If you don’t succeed; try, try, try again

More children’s games give the child several lives so that if they don’t win the first time around then they will get another chance. Moreover, if they lose all of their lives then they can merely start the game all over again. This teaches children that they shouldn’t give up.

4. How to share

A lot of online games nowadays present children with the possibility to play their games in two-player mode so that they can play with someone else. This is something which is important because it teaches them how to share properly.

5. You don’t have to be the biggest or the strongest

When playing these games children get the opportunity to play a whole host of different characters. For example, in the Ben 10 games, they will play a little boy and they will come up against a wealth of different challenges – such as aliens and spaceships. Because Ben 10 can win the game it shows them that you don’t always have to be the biggest to win, it’s about out-thinking the opponent. 

6. Learning is important

Online games can show children how important school is and how important it is to pick up new skills. This can help them throughout their entire life. If you send your child to a prestigious high school, it is always better if they already have that learning mentality and attitude. As mentioned in the previous point, games are about thinking and coming up with the best plan to beat the opponent. This shows the need to use the brain as effectively as possible. You can see how a school district adjusted to laptop-based learning for some inspiration.

7. Winning feels good

When your child wins a game they will feel a sense of pride and happiness. This shows them how good it feels to win at something. This will then make them want to succeed in other areas of life so that they can have that same feeling.

8. Think outside the box

It is not always the most obvious methods that will win the game. Children need to be inventive with the methods that they come up with in order to proceed to the next level.

9. Sometimes you need a fresh start

Online games show children that it is ok to start again and do something with a fresh mind. If something is not working then you don’t have to keep pushing it at.

10. Life is full of surprises

When playing a game your child will often find that there is a surprise thrown at them which they will have to deal with. This is something which is very similar to life – we never know what is around the corner. And, this is something which can be a good thing and a bad thing!

There are certainly some valuable life lessons which can be learnt from playing games online, and therefore your children are not only enjoying themselves but enriching their knowledge as well. 

If you have children too young for online games, you might want to check out some board games for toddlers.

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