Thursday, October 28, 2021

3 Year Old Halloween School Activities

I had much bigger plans for our Halloween activities, but life kind of got in the way this year. Here is what we ended up doing.

For some fun Halloween playdough I got out some spiders, Halloween table scatter, googly eyes, cookie cutters and some pumpkin spice playdough. The spiders were his favorite, but he also liked pushing some of the critters into the dough to see their imprints.

Archer really enjoyed his Halloween Cuisenaire mats. He both likes finding the pieces and counting them to fill in the blanks at the bottom. Sometimes he does want me to put the pieces into place, though. 
He enjoyed his Witch's Brew activity of counting out spooky ingredients and stirring them together.
We read the book and watched the show of Super Why and the Ghost Who Was Afraid of Halloween
I made a web on the ground with painters tape and tossed on some spiders. I thought he could walk around and try to avoid stepping on the spiders. Instead, he decided they were his spider friends and he made them crawl along the web until they were all together.
I printed this fun pattern activity from 3 Dinosaurs. Usually I struggle to get him to cut and glue, so I'm glad he was interested.

Books, Books, Books!
We have and read a lot of fun Halloween books. Above are some of his favorites from this year (aff links used).

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