Monday, October 4, 2021

Pre-K Homeschool Monthly Summary: September

 I've posted about some of the themes we have done this fall, but I thought I'd also do a monthly summary post of some of our other school activities (mostly for me to look back on).  Since he goes to preschool two days a week for social interaction and because he is only 3, school is always short, doesn't happen daily, and isn't forced. 


We're using some lessons from Kindergarten Math with Confidence, but only those that fit his current skill level. We're also adding in other activities.

Lots of pattern blocks for those visual/spatial skills.

Some One Less/One More activities

Learning about money. Archer really enjoyed setting up a "store" with his vehicles. I used dry erase notecards for prices. He does great with pennies, but sometimes mixes up the silver coins. 

Miquon Math book with a dry erase sleeve. He liked these activities so much that he insisted on doing more.

Visual discrimination practice 


We're working our way through All About Spelling. We definitely keep the lessons short, subdividing them into multiple days. He likes it as long as we don't try to do too much at a time.

Using tokens to divide words into their sounds.
I didn't think he would care, but he actually liked putting the stickers on the letters he knows all the sounds for.
We were supposed to be working on short vowels, but he wanted to spell "spider web" so we took a tangent. E had to jump between the words.


Handwriting has been a little hit or miss. At preschool they're just having him write his name however, so it is a little hard to get him to come back and learn the proper way to form each letter. Some days he loves it and some days he wants nothing to do with it.

I made my own box practice paper for him. I wanted something smaller than the chalkboard but a little bigger than the workbook.
He does occasionally do a workbook page, too.


This is another hit or miss subject. He always love music, Prodigies, his bells and the piano, but sometimes he doesn't want to do them together. He may just watch Prodigies videos without playing anything. He may just play around of the bells or piano, or he might use sheet music to play songs..
This month he fell in love with Hall of the Mountain King and was working on playing it.

Other Activities

Tumbling Class. I'm excited I can finally go in to watch!
Reading lots and lots of books. Usborne Lift the Flap are current favorites (so much so I joined as a consultant to make it easier on my bank account, let me know if you want more info).
Playdough with number candles and cookie cutters.
Playing board games. Dragomino is a new one that he is enjoying.
We attempted some crafting, but he wasn't feeling it. He did like this reusable sticker pad, though.
I picked up some books in Spanish, including this lift flap one. He took a big interest, so I've been trying to run with that.
Reading in Spanish.
Cornstarch and shaving cream made for some fun outdoor sensory play.
Lots of open play.

Reading his brother's Periodic Table book.
We did lots of map activities (check out map theme here)

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