Monday, October 11, 2021

Why Digital Learning Platforms Work

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Have you heard about digital learning platforms but remain skeptical because it seems a little far-fetched. That’s understandable; it would be risky to put your child’s future in the hands of the latest gadgets instead of tried and tested methods. However, in this post, you might be convinced otherwise; when you hear about the excellent advantages of digital learning platforms, read on to find out more.   

Lesson planning is easy 

In the past, lesson planning took up the bulk of a teacher’s time, the lessons not only had to be adapted from the curriculum and set out in advance, but the process had to be carried out on a daily or weekly basis. That is no longer the case with e-learning platforms that do everything for you and give you more time for assessments.  

It’s very creative

If you think that e-learning platforms are restrictive, then think again; e-learning platforms are some of the most innovative and creative ways for students to learn and teachers to do their jobs. Moreover, the platforms like ABCmouse are optimised for the digital age with plenty of learning games and opportunities for blending multimedia learning.  

It’s completely automated 

One of the reasons digital learning platforms cut down on lesson preparation time is because so much of it is automated. Not only that, the platform’s automation technology speeds up the marking processes and assessments. All of this allows teachers to spend more time focusing on the work of classroom engagement and learning enhancement.  

There’s maximum freedom 

Personalized learning is very effective, teachers have always known this, but with digital platforms, the personalization of lessons can be even more focused. Math and English lessons, for instance, can be orientated around the learner’s hobbies and interests to make them more engaging. Once again, this frees up more time the teacher can use constructively in the classroom.   

Progress can be tracked 

Everything seems to be tracked these days, and for a good reason. Goal setting and achieving goals is one of the best ways to make progress in all walks of life. Learning is no exception, and digital platforms provide even greater opportunities to track student progress and make adjustments to help them achieve their goals and helping them to excel. 

It’s satisfying for learners 

Digital tools make teaching subject easier, but it also makes learning easier and more effective. Various studies have shown that digital platforms help to engage students better and accelerate their learning with personalization and goal setting. This is good news for both teachers and students since a rewarding experience means more success and better outcomes all around. 

It’s one step ahead

Of course, traditional learning platforms still have their place; who knows where we would be with brick and mortar schools and the efforts of teachers in the local communities. That said, the world is changing at a fast pace, and it isn’t just learning that’s moving on. Nowadays, children need to be fully equipped for the world, and digital learning platforms are one step ahead of the game. 

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