Friday, October 9, 2020

Letter F - Flamingo Week

These are our homeschool preschool activities for the Letter F and Flamingos week. We actually took two weeks, because Archer was not really wanting to do much school and I don't force him. Archer was 28 months. You can see our full "curriculum" post here, but we will only use some activities each week. The majority of his time is still unstructured play.
This was his desk setup. I hung some bulletin board letters, a sign language card (from And Next Comes L) and his art from the week. The shelf had a letter construction capital and lowercase letters, a peg letter, an Alphabet Reader, a Meet the Phonics Letter Reader and a wooden letter train car.

His "Preschool Basket," had a magnetic tracing board, his Brain Games activity book (we just talk through together and skip anything too advanced), My First Brain Questdry erase tracing cards, sandpaper letters and lots of books. 

I'm trying to include readers to read together, but also books about the week's letter or animal. We had an Animal Antics Reader, a First Little Readers book, a blends book, a sight words reader and a book about flamingos.

This was his shelf set up in the playroom. I used Magnatiles to make an F on his white board and added some magnetic letters and fridge phonics. On top I have his Alphabet Soup Can and his preschool basket.

Shelves on the left had Frankie's Food Truck Fiasco, finger puppets, shape sorting puzzles, and Magna-Qubix. Shelves on the right had a puzzle, Beginning Spelling Cards, Exotic Birds Vocabulary Cards, shape sorting cupcakes, magnetic pattern blocks and a basket of cars.
Pattern block flamingo (from Adventure-in-a-Box). We used magnetic pattern blocks on our magnetic easel, because he seems to like that much better than doing these activities horizontal
Cut and Paste Phonics Hunt. He's getting more confident with glue, but still tends to glue everything on top of each other. I have to help him spread them out.
Alphabet sensory bin. Alphabet noodle base, toy elephants, cookie cutters, lacing letters and a wooden letters.
For play dough, we used cookie cutters and a letter stamper (similar to these).
Letter maze (free to print here). Still a favorite, so he did it multiple times in multiple colors
Letter construction (From Tired Need Sleep)
Once again, we used magnetic bingo chips for the dot page (free to print here). 
He was happy to have all ten number cards to go with number tiles (free to print here). We're in a serious train phase, so he used his little train car F to drive the tiles to the correct cards (his idea).
Line tracing.
Shape Lakes, matching the flamingos to the habitats (free to print here). 
Coloring his Letters Coloring Book (that I made dry erase)
Using fall stampers on an F
Beginner spelling cards. He did so well with these last time, that I will continue to get these out. I helped him sound out the words and he did great finding the letters.
Magna-Qubix have been a huge hit with Archer lately. He likes to stack them and count them (like Number Blocks)
Just playing some cars.

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