Wednesday, October 14, 2020

5th Grade Science - Earth and Human Activity Unit

 As a previous science teacher, I am writing my own "curriculum" for our 5th grade home school this year (see other units here). I have divided the 16 5th grade Next Generation Science Standards into units. This is my plan for the Earth and Human Activity Unit, consisting of the following standard:

  • 5-ESS3-1. Obtain and combine information about ways individual communities use science ideas to protect the Earth’s resources and environment.
Some notes: 
This unit is going to be different from my other units. Students will be introduced to various environmental problems and then links to some solutions. Students will fill out a graphic organizer as a way of fulfilling the standard. This unit could be huge and go into many different issues. I picked just a few, mostly related to threats to ecosystems, since we have a unit on that right before. At the end, the student will pick a topic they found most interesting and make a short presentation of their choice about it.

The links are to Google Doc version of the materials, allowing you to make a copy and modify them. I can also easily update and make comments on the Google versions. If you would like all materials in one document, you can find it in the document below, although formatting is not 100% and you can't see comments.

Day One

  • Intro and Resources slides 1-7
Day Two

Day Three
  • Conservationist for Kids Magazine Article Link on slide 12
    • Take notes on the problem and some solutions

Day Four

  • Habitat loss slide 13-14
  • Endangered species video slide 15
  • Read habitat loss links on slide 16
  • Problem section of graphic organizer

Day Five

Day Six

  • Read habitat loss solution articles slide 17
  • Solutions section of graphic organizer

Day Seven

  • Pollution slides 18-19
  • Water Pollution Video Slide 20
  • Read Pollution Articles Slide 21
  • Problem part of graphic organizer (can split into different types of pollution if desired)

Day Eight

Day Eight

  • Pollution Solutions slide 22
  • Solutions section of graphic organizer

Day Nine

Day Ten

  • Climate Change slides 23-25
  • Climate change links slide 26
  • Problem section of graphic organizer

Days Eleven-Twelve

Day Thirteen

  • Climate change solutions links slide 26
  • Solutions section of graphic organizer

Day Fourteen

Days Fifteen-Seventeen

Day Eighteen
  • Present on given topic

Bonus During this Unit:

  • Watch Cosmos
    • The World Set Free
  • Watch Life 
    • Challenges of Life

Resources for this unit:

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