Friday, May 1, 2020

Tot School Square Activities

Archer was 23 Months
We have been working on Shape Themes in Tot School. You can see the Shape Themes "Curriculum" post here.
This is what Archer's desk area looked like. The posters are from The Learning Effect. The shelf included a couple Non-Fiction Sight Words books, a Meet the Sight Words book, an alphabet book, a blends book and a couple Animal Antics Readers. I also included a Mathstart Book. His artwork from the week is hanging as well.
Making new play dough. This week included some fondant cutters, a square stamp and a texture block from a dough set we have. I just forgot to get a picture of the finished product.
Coloring some squares. (Free to print here). 
Using a square stamp to decorate a rectangle.
This week, we used stickers to fill in his dot art (Free to print here).
Tracing squares. (Free to print here).
Playroom shelves include both theme related tot school activities and other toys, usually open ended. The goal is to work on things like fine motor skills, visual spacial skills, math and literacy (and keep him entertained). I have been trying to also include one of our toddler games, to get him more used to playing games with us.

The white board had some magna-tile squares. The top had some opaque and translucent square-related shapes.

Shelves on the left had flower vocabulary cards and a flower toob, unifix cubes and pattern cards, cars and garages and a pop up toy. Shelves on the right had alphabet puzzles, Qwirkle matching, a chunky puzzle, Wedgnetix, Candy Land .
Flower vocabulary cards and a flower toob. Archer prefers matching the words and pictures on a pocket chart, though.
My little letter-obsessed guy really enjoyed the alphabet puzzles.
Qwirkle matching
Candy Land
I forgot to put this tray out til the last day, so it will get repeated next week. Duplos and pattern cards (from All Our Days)

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