Friday, January 24, 2020

Yellow Totschool Week

Archer is 20 months

In August I posted our Color Themes Goals. Those are what I had in mind while we started Tot School this week, not actually learning the color.
His little shelf had a few Yellow books.  I also got out two of his Non-Fiction Sight Words books, two of his Meet the Sight Words readers and two of his Meet the Phonics books (he likes those better than story books at the moment).  The poster was free from Isla Hearts Teaching on TPT. I also hung up the pages to his color book (free here).
Yellow food word cards (free here). Sometimes he really likes these matching activities, and other times he gets bored.  He can usually read all the words (from watching the corresponding Little Reader lessons)
 Coloring his Yellow Book (free here). We used crayons, paint and a paint roller. I also got out a Water Wow book for another fine motor option if he wanted.
Bin of miscellaneous yellow objects.
Yellow play dough and tools (these shape cutters are his current favorites and get used multiple times a week).
This cornmeal "kinetic sand" mad a fun, but very messy sensory play activity (recipe from here).
Xander got some adjustable hurdles for Christmas, so we got them out for Archer to practice stepping over. We also rolled a ball under them.
Playroom shelves this week.  The goal of the toys is to entertain him and give him some fine motor practice.  Things like building, sorting and puzzles also provide some spacial awareness (math and even physics). 

These shelves had sorting food, a DIY Velcro Blockcars and ramps, the spinagain (out for several weeks because it got so much use), wobbles, Lucky Ducks, Crocodile Dentist, a sound puzzle, his airplane, a bin of yellow toys and some two part puzzles.  On top was his yellow color viewer.  
Archer did some baking with me, so we were practicing cleaning the counter.

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