Friday, December 13, 2019

Christmas Activities 18 Months

Archer is 18 months

We're taking a break from our Color Themes to do some Christmas themed Tot School activities.  With family visiting and many many festivities going on, these shelves will probably stay up for at least a couple of weeks. 
Here are our shelves. On the top I have a sensory bin and some Magna Tile "trees." The shelves have a felt Christmas tree activity, Christmas word 3 Part Cards (free printable here), a spinagain, some finger puppets, sight words matching activity (free printable here), a shapes game, a jingle bell exploration basket, a pom pom activity, lalabloom and a Christmas puzzle.
The sensory bin used white kidney beans as a base for plastic ornaments and accessories.  I used colored jingle bells with the Magna Tile "trees."
This basket had a felt tree with various colored ornaments and a big star for the top.
Christmas vocabulary cards. I love it when Archer can use activities I made for Xander! He can match pretty much all of the words to the pictures, but only has the attention span to do 4-5 at any given time.  He seems to like matching them on the pocket chart better than having them lie flat on the ground or a table.
Archer really likes the sight words trees and ornaments, but mostly just likes to go through them all and read all the words.  Matching is a skill we're still practicing, so I get out just a few at a time to have him match.
This was a huge hit with both the 9 year old and the 18 month old.  I got a bunch of jingle bells in various sizes, some metal and some plastic containers, and some magnets.  I showed them how to use the wand to move the bells up the sides of the plastic containers.
A scooping activity, that ended up just being a picking up and dropping activity.  Still good one to one correspondence. :)
I put out the lalabloom because it kind of reminded me of garland.
A play dough kit I made for Archer. I haven't actually shown it to him yet, so I've very excited to have him play with it.  Hopefully, several times in the next couple of weeks!

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