Wednesday, December 11, 2019

1500 Book Reading Challenge

Way back when Xander was a toddler, I did a 1500 Book Reading Challenge.  The idea was to read 1500 books with him over the course of the year. I thought it was a fun and beneficial challenge (research suggests reading to kids improves their brain development, vocabulary and academic success). 1500 books means a LOT of exposure to words, books and cuddle time! I made the challenge just that much harder for myself by choosing to do 1500 unique books (so reading the same ones again and again didn't count towards the goal). It works out to slightly over 4 new books a day, so we made lots of trips to the library!
I have decided 2020 is the time to do the challenge with Archer! I'd love for others to join along (#1500BookChallenge)! If you just want to read 1500 books, I think a tally would probably be the easiest way to keep track.  However, if you want to do unique books, I made a spreadsheet where I can write the books we read each week and it will count them.  You're welcome to copy this template (Google Sheets) to keep track for your little one.
With Xander, I updated periodically with some of our favorite book finds, so will probably do something similar this go round.  I'm open to suggestions as to whether it should be on the blog or somewhere on social media.

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