Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July - 3 years old

We had a very light school week this week, but we did do some patriotic activities that I thought I'd share... mostly in pictures. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and I am incredibly grateful to our founding fathers and wonderful military for making and keeping us all free!
Flag with Design and Drill
I picked up an erasable map from Lakeshore recently, so we got it out with some Landmark flashcards and some landmarks from toobs.
Independence Day Themed Play Dough 
Sensory Play
I whipped up a batch of foam dough (about equal parts shaving cream and cornstarch).  I threw it on a tray with some patriotic cookie cutters, some beads, and some red, white and blue squigz.
4th of July Parade!
Holding his own sparkler for the first time... when did he get big enough for that?!

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