Thursday, July 18, 2013

Reading Update: Five for Five

I realized that I haven't updated on what we're doing for reading since we finished the 1500 Book Challenge in December.  I reading post is way overdue!

Five for Five
A couple of years ago I was reading about teaching kindergartners and came across the recommendation that teachers should read them the same story for story time everyday for a week. The idea was that the kids would get more comfortable with the story and vocabulary, make more connections, and usually end up liking the stories better due to familiarity.  The idea seemed interesting, but inappropriate for my infant.

Lately, however, I have revisited the idea.  In addition to the normal reading we do for fun and for bonding, I have made an effort to pick five books a week that we read at least five days.  I have been trying to pick one "story" and then some short nonfiction or sight words books.  I tend to gravitate towards nonfiction with real photographs and big fonts (like these or these) so that Xander and I can read every other page without him getting fatigued by the end of the five books (you can check out this blog post for an overview of how I taught him to read so young).  I also like that these books expose him to concepts and information he wouldn't get from the regular stories we read.  Heck, even I am learning new things from them.

I also recently decided to try out some poetry with Xander.  I bought A Light in the Attic with the idea of reading him one poem a night.  I never imagined he would absolutely love them and develop favorite poems (current favorite it is "How Not to Have to Dry the Dishes").  We actually end up reading 4-5 poems a night, although we repeat a lot of them from day to day.  I myself was never all that into poetry, but I am happy to light the spark in him!
I love that my munchkin LOVES to read!  I hope it is a love that lasts a lifetime!
I found him trying to read in the dark late one night.

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