Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Favorite - Dry Erase Mazes

I've loved the idea of mazes for a long time.  They're great for visual spacial skills as well as fine motor practice.  I've seen videos of kids exposed to mazes early that could blow through large complex mazes in seconds.  Unfortunately, Xander was never all that interested, even when I tried to tie them in to themes.  That changed, however, why I picked up a dry erase maze book a couple of weeks ago.  

I first got him this maze book from Crayola.  I like that it is spiral bound, so I can present one page at a time.  I also like, that unlike other dry erase workbooks, the spaces are big enough for him.  He just isn't ready to trace some tiny letters or shapes.   I have him use washable dry erase markers so I don't have to worry about the mess on his clothes (or when he gets it inside his ear, like he somehow managed to do the other day).

He absolutely LOVED it.   He had been using it almost daily, so I went out an got Pre-Printing with Mazes and Fun with Mazes.  I would prefer if they were spiral bound, but I love the variety of skill levels for the mazes.  The Pre-Printing book in particular does a good job of building, starting with a dashed line to follow through the maze and working up to more difficult mazes.  I will have something to challenge him for a while!

He has been working on this activity most days since I first got him the book!
I love watching how hard he works to stay in the lines and how proud he is when he reaches the "Finish".  

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