Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Calendar

Xander has really started taking an interest in the days of the week and concepts like "tomorrow,"  "yesterday," "last night," etc.  I decided to take advantage of this curiosity and bought him a magnetic calendar.  I am so happy I found one I like!  First of all, I wanted it to be magnetic so that I could store all the pieces right on there while still looking streamlined (I'm admittedly a little OCD, clutter is VERY distracting to me).  Some of the more traditional school calendar stations have too many pockets and things hanging off them.  Also, storing everything right on the calendar itself keeps me from having to find a place to put the extra months and seasons.    This calendar doesn't have the traditional grid, which is fine with me because I know he is not ready for that kind of abstract representation.  It also allows the calendar to be smaller, so it fits perfectly on the side of my bookcase next to his desk.  

Xander was super excited when I showed it to him.  We went through all of the categories together and I helped him select the correct magnet and place it in the correct spot.  He liked it so much we actually had to do it a couple of times that first day.  I'm hoping he continues to like it and that we can make it a (semi) regular part of our day.

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