Monday, April 22, 2013

N for Nightingale

We are currently working on our Mommy & Me ABC units.  This week was letter N and nightingales!  Unless otherwise specified, all of the printables are from my Mommy & Me ABC Printables, which are free as we complete them (for a detailed list of all the materials in the printables, check out this post).

 This was his desk setup.  I just added a magnetic calendar (post coming), but am very happy with it.  His white board had some alphabet magnets, and his fridge phonics set.  The shelf had a bunch of Ns, a toy nightingale, and some N books.

Letter N Alphabet Sensory Bin


 Nightingale Puzzles

Bird alphabet puzzles.

Putting together the bird from his pattern block puzzles.  Not sure why he chose to do it there, reaching over his phone.


Letter Clipping

Nightingale Number Cards
I had him match some number tiles to the card with the corresponding number of nightingales.  He did a pretty good job, but was upset there wasn't one with seven.  Next time I guess I need to print all the cards!

Shape Nests
Xander really liked the shape matching activity this week.  He thought the nests were fun, maybe because we've been talking about birds we see outside.  The picture to the bottom right is him jumping up and down yelling "HOORAY" for matching them all correctly.
Birdseed Ornaments
I found a recipe for some birdseed ornaments on Pinterest (link here), and knew we had to make some! Xander had a blast!  We put one on the deck and have enjoyed watching the birds eat it.  We got the prettiest cardinal the other day, but it flew away before I could get the camera out.  With a little note and in a cute box the ornaments also made a nice little appreciation gift for our day care provider.  We will definitely be doing these again!

Egg Nest Breakfast
As a warp up to our Nightingale week I made some eggs in potato nests (adapted from here).
Other Tot School Activities
For added vocabulary I had out his Baby Sealife Toob and the matching 3 part cards I made (you can find the post with the printable here).  He can read them all, but sometimes struggles with the sea lion and the humpback whale.
One day he wanted to match them in his pocket chart.
Rediscovering his shape sorter.

For more ideas, check out my Nightingale/Bird Theme Pinterest Board!

Tot School


  1. Another great week!! I can't believe you always get so much done! I love the bird feeders, I think we are going to do something similar this week!

    1. Aw, thank you! Some weeks we get a lot done, and others we get nothing done! Finals are coming, so the mommy guilt is trying to make up for those weeks I know we won't do anything! :)

  2. My little guy LOVES birds, so I will have to do some of these activities with him! Looks like y'all had fun!


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