Monday, November 12, 2012

E for Elephant (Week 1)

Xander is 24 Months

We are currently working on our Mommy & Me ABC units.  This was first week of the letter E and elephants.  Unless otherwise specified, all of the elephant printables are from my Mommy & Me ABC Printables, which are free as we complete them.

 His white board had some elephant cut outs, some alphabet magnets, and his fridge phonics set.  His shelf had a fabric E, the E from our floor tiles, am E minibook, two elephants from his toobs, his peg letter E, the elephant from his alphabet zoo, and a few other elephants.  On the wall I have some flashcards from 1+1+1=1.
Playing with the magnets...

Magnet Dot Page
"E for Elephant" magnet dot page and some pom pom magnets.

Elephant Number Cards
I put out his elephant number cards from 0-5 and the corresponding number tiles.

Elephant Size Sorting

Play Dough
He always loves the play dough trays.  It had his letter E dough stamper, a couple E cookie cutters, some elephant cookie cutters, a play dough mat, and some dough.

Sight Word Zoo
While Xander loved his shape and color animal games that are in the printable packs, they were getting too easy for him.  I decided to make these Sight Words Zoos to reinforce some of the sight word sets, which we just started flashing.  Then I added some random animals from his Toobs.  I would ask him to put an animal on the cage with a certain sight word on it.  For just starting them, he did a great job and really enjoyed it.  You can download them here.

He wanted our elephant hand puppet to give the animal a high five every time he got one right.

One tray had a bunch of puzzles for him, including some printable elephant puzzles, the earth from A to Z Puzzles, the elephant from his Who Lives Here Game, and an alphabet puzzle set from Michaels.  He also did his safari chunky puzzle.

As always, we did some stamping with our uppercase and lowercase stamp and washable stamp pads.  We also did some stamping with the elephant from our animal stamps.

I finally got around to making a Thomas themed Little Reader lesson, which of course, is his new favorite.  He can actually read almost all the words I have on the list, but there are so many trains I will probably have to make a second.  I will post a link to it as soon as I have it exported.


Still loving his memory games.
Alphabet Sensory Bin


He is still determined to be able to cut by himself.  He is getting pretty close when using his training scissors.
Fun Extras

Showing off his candy house with the gate (which mommy made upon his request).

Playing the "horn" with his alphabet pegs.  He has a thing for Little Boy Blue.
Playing some sort of game with his letters and elephants.
Wearing his elephant mask.
We made an E out of our Tangrams.

Please help us out!!!
Xander has made it into the final five for the Sparkabilities video contest to win an iPad.  We need your help to win!  Each view on YouTube counts as a vote.  Voting goes through the end of the month and you can vote multiple times (although not from mobile devices).  I would absolutely love to have an iPad for him because I think it would be a great resource for educational apps and I wouldn't be able to afford one until I finish grad school.   Please take the time to watch, it is only 37 seconds!  THANK YOU!

For more dolphin ideas you can check out my Elephant Pinterest Board.  (I add to the boards even after we finish the animal).

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  1. Wow! He's been such a busy boy this week - look at all the fun things he got to play with :-) And how cute that he wanted to do high fives with the puppet and animals! My daughter loves high fives too xx


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