Friday, November 2, 2012

Birthday Letter

Dear Xander,

Happy Birthday!  As I sit down to write this, I can't even begin to put into words everything I want to tell you.  I never would have believed a person so young could have a personality so large!  You are shy with new people at first, but then eventually open up into your little spitfire self.  You like making little jokes and then saying "Funnny!  Funnnnnny!"  You love hanging out with your friends, but you are particularly close to your grandparents and your Uncle Brice.  However, you are completely obsessed with his girlfriend Klah (Kayla).

You're bright, very very bright.  You're starting to pick things up so quickly, I cannot keep up with how fast you want to learn them.  You are constantly shocking me by the little things you remember.  For example, a couple of weeks ago I told you our friend Lindsey was coming to visit us (she lives in NYC).  You immediately asked "white car?"  After a bit of thinking, I realized you were right.  She tends to borrow her mom's white car when she is in town.  I have no idea how you knew.  We haven't seen her in months, you have never been in the car, and we have never had a discussion about the car.  There are many more times you have surprised me with observations like this.  

You love reading and are always asking to see "words" (Little Reader lessons) on the computer.  You will sit and listen to books for incredibly long periods of time, even some surprisingly long books.  I love to sit an listen to you "read" a book to yourself.  Your favorites are Super Why and Thomas.  You also love all other things Thomas.  You always ask "Thomas dirty?" if I put you in any pajamas that are not Thomas themed.  At night you sleep with a little Thomas train.  On more than one occasion I have had to go searching for him in the night.

You are playful and love attention, especially from adults.  However, in groups, you tend to hang back and observe.  You like to take it all in and see what is going on.  You don't mind if another kid steals a toy from you, and if you're getting ready to do something (go down a slide, crawl in a tunnel), you tend to back away and let someone else who comes along go first.  Janet, our day care provider, says she has never seen you throw a fit or get angry, although you can have quite the temper at home.  Ever since you were tiny you have gotten this really stern serious face when you're intrigued by something, even if you really enjoy it.

I still call you my baby (and probably always will), but you are turning into such a big boy.  We can have conversations and you can very clearly express your wants and opinions.  In some ways you are so fiercely independent (I think you get it from me)!  You don't understand why you can't have free reign over everything in the house, why you can't climb ladders, use scissors, brush your own teeth... basically why you can't do everything I can do.  You have started telling me "Xander do it!"  On that note, you are such a little dare devil when it comes to physical activity!  I constantly find you climbing up the outside of the staircase.  Skinned knees were a frequent occurrence this summer, and mostly just shrugged off as an annoying interruption to your games rather than something to get upset about.  You want to climb, swing, jump, and be tossed around in the air.  It is funny to be carried upside down, dropped onto the bed, or tickled behind the knees.  

Xander, I really could write for days.  I want to capture every little moment with you and keep it safely locked in my memory.  You make my life infinitely more fun and meaningful.  You are my motivation, my driving force.  You can always make me laugh or melt my heart.  Please try not to change too much as you grow.  Know always that I love you.


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