Friday, August 10, 2012

Sandpaper Letter Giveaway!

As I have been hinting, I have been hard at work on our materials for the alphabet.  As part of that, I made Xander some sandpaper letters.  However, I made them a little bit differently than the normal Montessori style.  In addition to tracing his finger over the shapes of the letters, I also plan on using them as flash cards.  Since we flash at high speeds, I wanted a really sharp color contrast, so I chose black letters on bright card stock.  I also think it will make them look cheerful as they sit for display each week on his shelf!

Since I was a wee bit excited to start our alphabet themes, I made some extra sandpaper letters for one of  my blog followers.  I made two sets from which to choose, so you can either choose the blue and green or the pink and green.  (Keep in mind these are hand made, so they look hand made rather than machine perfect.)  The giveaway is open to anyone in the US.  Good luck!

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