Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BBB - Pentagon Week

Brain Building Boxes

 Xander is 20 Months

 These are the boxes from last week, so they happened during our Pentagon Week and our Traffic Sign Theme.  I try to have the activities link in when I can, but don't feel constrained by making them fit.  I don't intend all of the activities to be done independently.  Most requiring scaffolding from me.

Basket and Sticks
This box had a basket and some giant pick up sticks.  The idea was for Xander to fit a stick through a hole on each side, which is much harder than you'd think.

Traffic Sign Match
This box was the same as last week's traffic sign match box, just with different signs. It had half of the wooden signs from his traffic set, and then little cards to match them to.  He required a lot of help, but enjoyed it.

Traffic Sign Patterns
This box had some of the pattern strips and signs from my Traffic Sign Printables.  Since he still struggles with patterns, we only did one at a time.

Shape Mail
Last winter I made Xander this felt mail set.  Each envelope has a shape of a different color for the stamp.  The idea was that he could either match shapes or colors, so this week, we focused on shapes.  He LOVED playing with it, but mostly enjoyed shoving them all in the mail box and taking them out again.

Xylophone Pitch Practice
This box had Xander's xylophone, which we used to work on the different notes.  He loves going through the notes and had it out every day.

Magnetic Pattern Block Sheet
This box had some magnetic pattern blocks and a sheet with color coded outlines.

Puzzle of the Week
This week's puzzle was one of the boards from our Big Button Fun set.  Xander LOVED it.  He liked pointing to the different cars and telling me their colors.  I also kept out the puzzle from last week, just because it fit the theme so well.

Brain Building Linky

Since I am always looking for new ideas for our boxes, I decided to start a Linky.  Have you posted about any sort of brain buidling work boxes, tot trays, busy bags, etc?  Feel free to link up!  All I ask is that you add the Brain Building Lynky button (in the sidebar) or a link back somewhere on your post.  Thanks!

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