Monday, August 20, 2012

Clothing Theme

Last week was our final week of mini themes before we start the alphabet (and I go back to grad school, sigh).  I chose clothing for the theme and he seemed to have a good time with it.  However, we didn't do as many school activities this week since we were busy prepping for the upcoming semester.

I was able to find a ton of books to go with the theme.  I brought I Love My White Shoes out, and when Xander saw it we had to read it 4 times in a row (until Mommy hid it).

One box had our dressing frames ($2 garage sale find).  He really liked trying, but they were just a little too advanced for him.

I bought him this Joey Dress Up Magnets a long time ago when I had a 50% Michaels coupon.  He hadn't seen it before, but it was definitely love at first sight.  He had it out every day, and tried putting the clothes on himself.

 I made some clothing flash cards that we used for a matching game.  Since we have flashed him the clothing category from Little Reader, he knows a surprising amount of words!  You can download the flash cards here or from the Printables Page

Every time he got to the word "hat" he would put it on his head.

This box had a baking sheet sorter and some wash cloths.  The idea was to get him to hang them.  

I got out Xander's little bear dress up set (the single version of this one).  Apparently it couldn't hold a candle to the Joey dress up because he barely touched it.

The puzzle had nothing to do with clothing.  It was just a chunky insect puzzle that he hadn't played with in a while (went with our bug hunt).

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  1. We love those chunky puzzles around here. I really like that Joey dress up one though. Looks like a fun week!


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