Monday, August 13, 2012

Farm Theme

As I mentioned last week, we are currently doing quick and simple mini themes for Tot School.  This past week we did a Farm Theme and Xander had a great time.

Here were some of the extra farm related toys on his shelves.  He has a piggy bank, his musical farm, and his animal sounds tractor.  That tractor has been such a huge hit since he got it for Christmas.  Pushing on the little spaces where the animals go makes their sound.  He particularly loves the farmer and carried him around frequently.

Once again we were blessed with an overflowing bookshelf!  Some of the books included Farms ABC, The Very Busy Spider, Noisy Farm, Cows Moo!, Busy Tractors Busy Days, Farm Machines, and many others.

One of our boxes had his magnetic farm book.  He really likes sorting through the magnets.

This box had his Leapfrog Fridge Farm.  He loves it, I just wish he didn't insist on turning the volume up to the highest setting.

This box had his farm sound blocks.  I actually picked them up months ago when Michaels had a 50% off coupon, but hadn't given them to him yet.  He really likes them, but has trouble understanding where the front and back of each animal go.

I printed some mommy and baby cards from Counting Coconuts.  I have never actually taught him the baby names, but it was fun to match them up together.

One box had Xander's magnetic farm (50 cent garage sale find!).  He had a lot of fun sticking the magnets to the pages.

This box had some farm animals from his Simple Word Puzzles.  He hasn't seemed to figure out that the colors go together too, he mainly focuses on the word and picture, which makes me very happy!
Notice the farmer is next to him.

This week's puzzle was a mom and baby farm puzzle we have had forever.

This box had some printables from 1+1+1=1.  I cut apart her 3 part cards to make a matching game.  I think this is one of the activities we did most this week.  However, for some reason he had a slight obsession with the farmer and the barn.  For instance, I would show him the word dog, he would say "dog" (one of the few words he can read that he can actually say), and then he would put it on the barn.  I would show him the word cow, he would moo, then put it on the barn.  Oh well, I was just happy he got some extra reading practice.

Since Xander can't actually say most of the words I am teaching him to read, I am always trying to find fun ways for him to tell me what he can read.  This week I wrote some words on the driveway and he would jump on the correct word as I called it out.  He thought it was hilarious if I played with him.

Since he had fun with the farm words, I threw in some review shape and color words.

 No farm theme would be complete without a trip to see some tractors!  I took him back to the John Deere Pavillion and he had a ball climbing the tractors!

They had cylinders with different kinds of seeds for us to explore.  He is pointing out the watermelon seeds.

Hard to see, but he is actually up there in the cab of the combine.

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  1. love it! We are doing this theme in two weeks. My son is all about tractors because of his granddaddy.


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