Monday, July 16, 2012

A Week of Adventure

Last week I went on my first vacation since Xander was born, so we took a week off from Tot School.

Before we left, I decided to take him ice skating.  I realize he is super young for it, but I used to ice skate when I was younger, so knew I could hold him up if need be.  He was a little nervous at first, but I eventually got him on the ice.  Every once in a while he would stand and I would hold his arms and push him around.  He wanted nothing to do with the little carts they had.  For the most part, though, he wanted me to carry him while I skated around the rink.  He also thought it was really funny when I would spin (not holding him, he hung out with Uncle Brice while I spun).  He had a great time and cried when we left.  Mommy got a good work out!

For our "real" vacation, we headed to Wisconsin Dells.  I was a little nervous because he had never been in the car that long.  He did pretty well with some toys and a portable DVD player we borrowed.  He only slept for like 20 min!

We went to an amusement/water park, and he exceeded my every expectation for him!  He is a pretty serious rider, though.  He always made these serious faces on the rides, slides, or even just looking around at people.  He had a great time though, and always signed "more" at the end of each ride.

Train Ride

Waving from the giant swing

Go Karts!

Tea Cups (See what I mean about the serious face?)

Hanging out on a Rock

Water Park
I only really got pictures of the indoor water park.  Our locker was much too far to be able to get my camera in and out at the outdoor water park.  He had a blast though.  He jumped some waves in the wave pool, rode on the lazy river, played in the pirate ship, and went down some water slides.  Now when I say water slides, I don't just mean the little kiddie slides (which he did go on), I mean the BIG three and four story slides.  He wore a life vest and sat on my lap while I sat in the tubes.  I don't know where this kid got his guts, but he is a little daredevil!  He loved the slides and woke up from naps saying "slide slide slide."  Also, once I took him on the four story slide, he no longer wanted to go on the three story slide.  The only problem was that the water was COLD.  Even though the temperature was about 90, the water was cold enough that he would start shivering, so we didn't get to slide as much as we would have liked.  We would do a couple of slides and then warm up in the sun or the hot tub (more like a warm tub).  

An example of the size of slides he liked.

More Go Karts!

All in all it was a great trip.  He did really well and we had a good time.  He had so much fun, I may have to look into taking him to some of the indoor water parks that are closer to home!  Although it will be a lot easier when he no longer has tubes in his ears!  Anyway, I am excited to get back to a more normal schedule next week!

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