Monday, July 23, 2012

Shapes - Octagon

Shape Themes
Xander is 20 Months
Theme:  Traffic Signs
Shape: Octagon

 We are currently working on shapes, devoting one week to each while also reviewing those already learned.   The themes just add a fun element to the shapes lessons, plus some extra vocabulary. I added a page to gather all of the Shape Posts and Printables to make them easier to find.  For our overall Tot School goals for our shape units, see my Goals post.

Vacation was wonderful, but it was so nice to be back on a more normal schedule again!  Last week's shape was the octagon and the theme was traffic signs.  Xander has a thing for stop signs, so he loved the theme!  I liked that it let us work in a lot of other shape review.  Below was the shelf for the week.  Not too many books, just ABC Drive, Signs in Our World, Go Far in the Car, and the little book I made with the Traffic Sign Printables.

 We used our shape cards.  We also used some pocket chart phrases from our Octagon Printables (The typos from the pic are fixed in the uploaded version).

In addition to his usual tracing page, I made a traffic sign tracing page.  We traced the shapes together while we talked about them, then he went nuts coloring all over it.  Thank goodness for the dry erase crayons, definitely saved me some messes this week.

Hard at work on his color page (in the Octagon Printables).

Playing with the Highway Shape card from Making Learning Fun.

Octagon Cookie Cutter Fun

I made some three part cards for Traffic Sign Printables, unfortunately my color ink ran out while printing and the ink I ordered hasn't arrived yet, so I only got to print part of them.  Some of the word labels went missing this week.  Regardless, Xander liked looking through them on our pocket chart.  For some reason he didn't think we should use these cards just on the floor.

Doing some little traffic sign puzzles.  Loves to match them, but still can't line them up.

Traffic sign stickers (dollar store)

This week Xander rediscovered his Tag Jr  (Great $4 consignment find.  I have seen it on sale around the holidays, but can't see paying full price for it). It really seemed to figure out how to use it.  He did lots of Mr Brown Can Moo and the Cars Shapes Book.

We used Little Reader quite a bit.  I made him a traffic sign lesson and he absolutely loves when I use it for super speed flashing sessions.

Not really shape or traffic related, but for some sensory play I filled up his water table with water and dish soap.  I threw in his Ocean Toob and let him have a fun finding the animals.  Notice his "I'm too busy for you to be taking pictures" face.

We also did a lot of space themed work box activities.  I will post those on Wednesday under the new tag of  Brain Building Boxes!  I also started a linky for tot trays, boxes, busy bags, etc. that I am hoping to do every Wednesday so please link up!.

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