Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Tot School: Summer Theme

 Lately for Tot School we have been doing about a shape a week, in addition to another theme. The most recent theme has been summer!

We did this popsicle spinner matching game for both shapes and colors. I gave her little blue glass gems that we called "bubbles" and she put the bubbles on the corresponding popsicles.
At the Beach vocabulary matching in our table pocket chart . She LOVED the lesson on  Little Reader, but only wanted to match about half the cards.
We did some Olaf size sorting. Since we hadn't done much size sorting, I only got out two sizes instead of all three.
I put some summer themed buttons into therapy putty. She enjoyed it so much, she asked me to put them back in for her to find multiple times.
Ice cream shape matching from Tot Schooling
Lots of kinetic sand play. 
Matching sentences to pictures from This Reading Mama

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