Saturday, June 29, 2024

4th of July Coding Game for Botley

We have had the Botley 2.0 coding robot for about a year and a half now. My 6 year old likes it, but doesn't do a lot of "coding" with it. To try to make it more enticing (and educational) for him, I decided to make a 4th of July themed grid game to go with it.

I made a bunch of cards with 4th of July themed pictures, printed them on cardstock and laminated them. Then I taped them to the ground and gave him a stack of cards telling him which item he had to try to land on. The goal was to be able to get to the next card from the spot he was already on, which is more tricky than getting there from the edge. If you don't want to tape to the floor, you could glue them down to butcher paper or posterboard. I just liked the idea of being able to rearrange them easily.
Now I was running out of laminating sheets and didn't want to wait for more to arrive, so I printed the cards small enough to fit two to a page. That means I had to space them a little ways apart for the commands to come out right (I just eyeballed it). I also made a version of each card in the PDF a little bigger, so you could just put them down next to each other.

 Print the Botley 4th of July game here.

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