Monday, April 22, 2024

Tot School: Hexagons

We have been working on a shape a week, as well as doing other themed activities. This week was Hexagons and Creepy Crawlies

These are the shape related activities. Juniper was 21 months.

Hexagon posters from The Learning Effect, as well as her completed artwork.
Painting a hexagon. She loves watercolors, even if she isn't great at actually getting the color on the paper.
Coloring some hexagons (Printable found here).
Play dough included some fondant cutters and  a stamp. She likes using the three sizes of fondant cutters to make little "cakes."
Using her bug rollers to make a bunch of hexagons.
Practicing tracing in her dry erase center. She still needs a lot of help, but she enjoys it. (Printable found here)
Stickers on a hexagon dot page
Making hexagons with magnetic tiles.


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