Friday, April 19, 2024

Around the World Africa Units

 We've been working on Around the World Homeschool Curriculum . Africa was a little hard to divide, so we kind of did it in regions, but not perfectly. Here is what we did over about three weeks.


As always, we read many great spines on these countries, but here are some extra picture books we read:
Both of these books were read throughout learning about Africa.
Africa, Amazing Africa (checked out enough from the library over the years that we finally bout it)
Sulwe (Kenya)


Flags from Little Passports


We had Shakshuka from the Global Feast cookbook and African Yellow Rice.

Read Aloud:

During our time studying Africa, we also studied the desert biome. We read The Secret Explorers Desert Disappearance to relate to that, then we read Lions at Lunchtime and Madagascar Madness for Africa.


Archer watched an Art for Kids Hub video on how to draw a giraffe. 
He practiced mixing paint colors to make a mane, then cut out a face on construction paper to complete this lion. 
For this one, he painted the sunset, the glued on all the black pieces for the foreground. My neighbor was kind enough to cut out the animals for us with her Silhouette. 

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