Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Tot School: Circles

Now that we are done with Color Themes, we are moving on to Shape Themes. Now, compared my middle child, Juniper is not quite as obsessed with shapes. Rather than focusing solely on shapes each week, I think we're also going to do some other themed activities that span a couple of shapes. That means, some of these posts might be a little sparse.

Circles, however, had plenty of activities! Juniper was 21 months.
Her wall area had these posters from The posters are from The Learning Effect, as well as her completed artwork.
Magnetic bingo chips on the light table were a huge hit. She liked them so much, I even had her do her circle dot page with them.
Play dough included some fondant cutters, a cookie cutter, a stamp and a "polka dot" design roller.
She traced some circles. Well no, I helped her trace them and she colored them. (Printable here)
We also looked at some sentences about circles in her pocket chart. (Printable here)
She used her paper punch to make some circles. She definitely needs some help, but enjoys the activity!
Stacking spools.
Playing with her coin box.
Using Do a Dot markers to decorate a circle.
Coloring circles by color. (Printable here)
She really wanted to put dot stickers on her coloring sheet.
Circle fruit fraction puzzle. She liked "cutting" the fruit apart more than putting them together.
Her big brother had Connect Four out, so she wanted to use it too.
She both played with the Otrio board and used the rings on her pasta stand.
Opaque and translucent circle shapes. I kind of expected her to ignore these, but she was interested in them. Mostly, she stacked the shapes.
Circle size sequencing puzzle.


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