Wednesday, July 7, 2021

4th of July Preschool Activities

I meant to get this posted before the 4th, but life got crazy and I didn't get it done in time. However, I decided to go ahead and post now, so that I'll have ideas in the future (and anyone else will).
His artwork and books for the week. Scrambled States Book was the best loved book.
Playdough bin had some rollers and cutters, a star extruder, USA and star cookie cutters, beads and stars (cut from beaded necklaces from past parades), red and white "diamonds" and blue glass gems, and star buttons.
We did this super simple wreath craft. I just cut a "wreath" out of a stiff piece of sparkly felt (using dishes for the circles) and gave him a bag of felt star stickers.

Felt flag "puzzle" on the Nugget.

This was our first attempt at marble painting. I forgot to include a pic of the final result, but it was fun. Next time we might need to use slightly thinner paint. The marbles tended to get stuck in the thick globs of paint.
Painting with his star roller.
I got out this US States tray puzzle, not sure if he was ready for it. The first day we mostly did it together, but he has done it on his own almost every day since. In fact, we ended up going out to buy some other continent puzzles because he liked it so well. We're also now working on learning the Fifty Nifty States song. I like this Youtube Video because it shows where the states are on the map.


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