Friday, July 30, 2021

Artist of the Month

Printable Artist of the Month materials for homeschool

 I was a hardcore math and science kid. That's the way my brain works. However, I want to make sure I give my kids some well-rounded experiences. As part of that, I decided to do an Artist of the Month and a Composer of the Month. In looking into collections of famous paintings for kids, I found that a lot of them only have male artists. I decided I definitely wanted to include some women, so I started with Mary Cassatt.

Each month will have the artist, where they are from, some quick facts and some examples of their work. I will also use outside books, YouTube videos and other resources (I included some of these links in the PDF I'm sharing). Since I have a middle schooler and a 3 year old, I included a wide range of things.

General Resource About Art & Artists


(Only a few are done, so far. I will update as I add more, I was just excited to share)


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